Review Falling by Simona Ahrnstedt

The second book in the sensationally sexy new series by bestselling Swedish romance author Simona Ahrnstedt – perfect for fans of E.L. James, Sylvia Day and Laurelin Paige

‘I’ve been searching for this feeling all year: this book left me absolutely breathless.’ New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren

All in is sexy, smart, and completely unputdownable. Breathtaking, from start to finish. I loved this book, and I can’t wait to go whatever Simona Ahrnstedt takes her readers next.’ New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare

‘Everything a reader could want!’ New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James

A gripping, glittering novel of scandal and suspense that ranges from Sweden to New York City to Africa, from the bestselling author of All In . . .

Alexander de la Grip is known in the tabloids and gossip blogs as a rich, decadent jet-setting playboy who spends most of his days recovering from the night before. With a string of beautiful conquests, he seems to care about nothing and no one.

Isobel Sørensen has treated patients in refugee camps and war zones, and is about to depart Sweden for a pediatric hospital in Chad. Devoted to her humanitarian work, she cares almost too deeply. Especially when she learns that Alexander is withholding desperately needed funds from her aid foundation.

Is it because she’s the only woman who ever told him to go to hell?

As the two push each other’s boundaries to the breaking point, the truth turns out to be much more complicated.

Pain, love, trust, betrayal. Which will triumph when safety is nothing but an empty word?

Simona Ahrnstedt was born in Prague and is a licensed psychologist, a cognitive behavioral therapist, and most importantly, a bestselling author. As her novels have swept bestseller lists in her native Sweden, she has become a spokesperson for books by women, for women, and about women. Her provocative women’s fiction has been sold in multiple languages as well as audio format. She lives outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with her two teenagers.

Warning, dear book lovers! This Swedish contemporary romance will leave you all hot and bothered and craving for more (duh, as if we’d recommend to you anything less).Books with Fangs kindly advises her devoted followers to read the series in order for better enjoying the panty melting couples in these stories. Because, of boy…

Falling (in original “”En enda hemlighet,” in case some of you folks happen to know Swedish) is the second book in Simona Ahrnstedt’s “Only One Night” series and I have to admit that this book had me hooked up from the first page and it only served to draw me further in as I delved into the story and found out more about the H and h.

And here we have the English cover from our friends at Piatkus :

While the first part starts slower and focuses more on social problems, rather than the chemistry of the couple, this only helps offer the plot consistency and just the right amount of realism and awareness. This is one of the finer parts of the book which I admit I tremendously loved to read about: serious subjects which affect our world today, such as hunger, the lack of medical care, clean water and decent food in certain areas.I liked how the topics of the stark poverty in Africa, Ciad especially, and how the hard work and effort of volunteer organizations such as “Doctors without Borders” are making a difference, somehow managed to give authenticity to Alexander’s and Isabel’s story.

The second part is where we get more of the lovey goodness contemporary romance has blessed us over the years. Beware tho. If you do not like longish books, then this gem is not for you. The characters are not one dimensional, but complex and with multiple layers and you can actually track their development and the way they evolved and became better in their own right.Think of this book, not just as an interesting love story but as a story of two people who managed to get over the pains and sorrows of the past AND find love despite all odds.

OK, think of Alex too. He’s smart, he’s rich and…


What was I saying?

I forgot. Nevermind. Going to the main topic,

Isobel and Alexander couldn’t be more different from each other. And this is exactly why they clicked sow ell together.She is the type of MC who takes her work very seriously, going as far as travelling frequently to Africa to lend a helping hand as much as her abilities allow her to, while Alexander is the rich playboy who thinks he is  invincible and waltzes through life without a single care (unless we count fancy parties as cares).

Hint: we common folks kinda don’t.

From here to friendship, to lovers was not such a long way. I will take a short break here to admit that at one point I wanted to throw Isobel in a very slimy puddle and Alex in a clearly defined area full of Tasmanian devils, but this is just the sadist in me talking when the writing on the wall was neon bright just to me and our favorite couple was still debating the what ifs.Well, the development of it took some time because the author no doubt wanted her characters and plot to seem authentic and real. Isobel was the right kind of influence on Alex, but he did have his own credits for how he learned to face new challenges and problems

All in all, .Falling gets a big, scorching 5 stars rating from Book with Fangs. And a new favorite author.

Simona Ahrnstedt has a real talent in wrapping up love stories and writing a satisfying epilogue.And there’s a good news for the

rest of the series’s fans! OK, and a tiny spoiler. We get a tiny, tiny sneak peak at the end for the next book in the series which will feature Tom, David’s head of security. And if you’re wondering who David is, well then… you’ll just have to  stick your fangs into “All In”, the first book of the series and find out.

Just like we did.

A big thank you to Piatkus  for this great book.

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