Review The garden of small beginnings

I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.

I admit, this was different than what I usually read. But it was so good! I started reading this lovely book when I was on my way to a quiet and far away place from civilisation.

And it felt so good to just leave the world behind and immerse myself into a book about healing,about making friends , about having a family again and becoming whole.

Lilian was so likeable  and I think she was the reason I connected so much with the story. After the death of her husband, in a car accident ,Lilian is devastated and heartbroken.  After some suicidal thoughts and time spent in a mental hospital, she is back and just exists. Not living, just existing. Everyone in her family  is worried about her and wish they ill see her back, as Lilian and not the empty shell she become.

But life finds a way to help you when you’re down, and that will be a  gardening class that her boss signed her up to appease a client. And that was in my opinion the push that Lilian needed to become whole again.

The relationship between Lilian and her sister was strong even if one of them was hurting.  That was my favourite thing while reading, because I have a sister too and I want to know if something happens, she will be there for me.

While reading, it made me wonder if the author, Abbi Waxman wrote this book thinking about a friend  who went through all of this or a family member.

I will recommend this lovely book to anyone who wants a realistic, heart warming , funny, to anyone who wants to laugh and cry , to anyone who wants to feel like they are alive.

Thank you to Piatkus Books  and Sphere for providing me with a copy for review.

If you would like to buy this book you can do it by clicking HERE 


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  1. Bitten( fanforever)1992 says:

    Foarte draguta coperta si colorata de fel.


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