Review Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Review Cinder (The
Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer

Synopsis: Humans and androids crowd the
raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From
space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows
that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl.
Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a
mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s
illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s,
she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a
forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal,
she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

Rating: 5+/5

read! Must have! Must buy! Must fall in love with!

Genres: Young Adult
Romance, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Recommeded for: fans
of Cinderella (obviously),
retellings, good dystopian stories, Shadow
& Bone
, A Million Suns, Under The Never Sky

Other books in the series:
My opinion:


I really feel the need to fangirl. Over Cinder. Over Marissa Meyer. Over every
single thing about this book! I knew it was supposed to be amazing from all the
reviews and I had high expectations. But, oh my God, it surpassed them all! Cinder is an exquisite opening book to a
series that promises a-hell-of-a-ride.
was a cyborg, and she would never go to a ball.”


Cinder, the main character, is a 17 years old cyborg
that works as a mechanic. She’s known to be the best in town and when Prince
Kaito’s android doesn’t function, he brings it to her. When her youngest
stepsister gets Letumosis, an illness that has no cure and that decimated the
population in the last years, Cinder’s legal guardian Adri accuses her of
bringing the plague to their home. She then volunteers Cinder against her will
to participate in some tests that have the goal to find a cure to Letumosis.
That means she pretty much sentenced Cinder to a painful and slow death,
because no one survived the medical procedures. Until now.
“I don’t know. I don’t actually remember
anything from before the surgery.”

His eyebrows rose, his blue eyes sucking in all the light of the room.
“The cybernetic operation?”

“No, the sex change.”

The doctor’s smile faltered.

“I’m joking.”

I loved Cinder! She’s brave, smart, strong, funny and
kind — of course, to the people that deserve her kindness. And she’s selfless.
My heart died a couple of times because of how heartbroken she felt and,
sometimes, of mortification. Seriously, this girl is as tough as nails! Not
only she sacrifices herself for the safety of others, but she doesn’t let
embarrassment get to her. I, on the other hand, would’ve died on the spot. *shudders*
“I’m sure I’ll feel much more grateful when
I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn-on.”
Prince Kaito is one of those book boyfriends that just
make you sigh. Why? Well, first of all, he’s a goddamn prince; second of all, he’s handsome, charming and sexy, but he’s
also sweet, honorable and honest. Kai cares for his people and he would do
anything to save his country and those facts alone make him even more perfect!
“You could move to Europe.”

“You know, I’ve actually been considering that lately.”

Kai laughed again, the warmth returning to the sound. “If that’s not a
vote of confidence, I don’t know what is.”

The romantic aspect of this book is not an element the
author insists on. There’s no insta-love, so the relationship gradually
evolves. We have two characters who clearly like each other, but I got the
feeling from the alternative POVs that Cinder is more smitten about Kai than
vice versa. I hope I’m not right, because I’d love them as a couple and I’m
sure that at some point in the series they will get together, but I kept
waiting for that moment to happen while reading Cinder. Unfortunately, it did not. But we still have the chemistry
and the hot tension between those two, so I guess that should compensate for
the lack of “action” aka many many kissy scenes. For now.
“Maybe her programming was overwhelmed by Prince
Kai’s uncanny hotness.”

Cinder flinched. “Can we please not talk about the prince?”

“I don’t think that will be possible. You’re working on his android, after all.
Just think about the things she knows, the things she’s seen and—” Iko’s voice
sputtered. “Do you think she’s seen him in the nude?”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake.” Cinder yanked off her gloves and tossed them onto the
table. “You’re not helping.”

“I’m just making conversation.”

Iko is probably my favorite character. You see, she’s
an android and Cinder’s friend, but unlike other robots, she has a personality
chip with issues. Meaning she isn’t a heartless machine. She has feelings,
thoughts and opinions. Sarcastic and hilarious opinions.
Iko rolled to her side, clasping her metal
grippers over her chest. “Prince Kai! Check my fan, I think I’m overheating.”


Another person I loved was Peony, although we didn’t
get much time with her. She’s a kind, sweet, curious and innocent young girl and
I could see that she really loved Cinder.
Unlike Peony, Adri (Cinder’s stepmother) and Pearl
(Cinder’s oldest stepsister) were bad to the bone! I hated them! They were
manipulative, selfish and down-wright mean. I wanted a hover to drop them in some
river from far, far away.
“My only mistake was in waiting too long to
be rid of you”, Adri said, running the washcloth between her fingers.
“Believe me, Cinder. You are a sacrifice I will never regret.”
The world-building is pure awesomeness! I mean, come
on! We have cyborgs, androids, monarchy and people living on the freaking moon (those
are the Lunars) all in the same world! The action is set in New Beijing, the
capital of Eastern Commonwealth, one of the six countries that rule the world
since the World War IV.
Queen Levana was a character I loved to hate. Simply
put, she’s awful. Now that I think about it, Adri has nothing on Levana. The
Lunar queen is a true villain: she’s vicious, evil and only cares for her
well-being. The interest for her people? Bullocks. Levana’s like a viper ready
to attack at any second and she makes sure the other characters know she’s the
one who has the real power.


Dr. Erland was an interesting character. I don’t know
if he’s the masculine equivalent of the fairy Godmother, but he earned my trust
by protecting Cinder and that gives him a thumbs up from me. He’s crazy-smart,
ambitious and a bit lunatic, but he’s on the good team 🙂
The plot was very complex! We have the intergalactic
war between the Lunars and the Earthen looming on the horizon, the Letumosis
issue and Cinder’s plan to escape town and live her life in New Beijing behind.
All these weave flawlessly into a gorgeous and very strong storyline with the help
of a few twists and turns.
The pace was great! I pulled an all-nighter with Cinder, because I couldn’t let go of the
story and characters. I kept looking at the page count, dreading the moment
I’ll finish reading, because there were so many things that needed to happen
and not enough time! The mixture of political intrigue, dystopian vibe, romantic
fairy tale, action and sarcasm kept me at the edge of my seat.
“He wouldn’t even dance with Levana at the
stupid ball if he could help it- to hell with diplomacy.”
Okay, time to talk about the major twist in the book.
Well, I saw it coming. Like miles before it actually happened. I kept hoping
that my theory will come true. And it did! After my “Ha! I knew it” moment, I was so excited to see how the
new information will affect the characters, because it sure changed things. *happy dance* So I can say that, from my
perspective, the plot was a bit predictable, but that fact didn’t stop me from
falling in love with the story at all.


The ending to Cinder is a hell-of-a-cliffhanger. I
feel like bragging about it. I don’t think I’ll start Scarlet, the sequel to this amazing debut, anytime soon. The
thought that Cress, the third volume,
will be out in February makes me cringe, complain and demand an ARC so I can
get my greedy hands on all of them and read them back to back. Don’t even start
me on Winter, which will be released
in 2015. A time machine, anyone? Please?? *puppy
Marissa Meyer showed me with this book that she has
an imaginative mind and off-the-charts great writing skills. She escalated
quickly to a “one of my favorite authors” status. I can’t believe I
didn’t read Cinder sooner, because
the hype around it should’ve convinced me already that this book is beyond


I’m still living in the fascinating and unique world
that Marissa Meyer created. I’m still dreaming about Prince Kai with my eyes wide
open. I’m still imagining different scenarios about Cinder’s fate. I’m still
mentally murdering Queen Levana. This being said, I cannot recommend this book
enough. It’s an incredible retelling of the Cinderella story and the futuristic
setting makes it even more awe-inspiring. Put your hands on this book NOW or
just wait for all the installments to get published since they’re so addictive
(it’ll be a while, the last one will be out in 2015). Nonetheless, this series


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