Review Obsession by Jennifer L Armentrout

Review Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Synopsis: He’s arrogant, domineering, and… To. Die. For.Hunter is a ruthless killer. And the Department of Defense has him firmly in
their grasp, which usually doesn’t chafe too badly because he gets to kill bad
guys. Most of the time he enjoys his job. That is, until he’s saddled with
something he’s never had to do before: protect a human from his mortal enemy.Serena Cross didn’t believe her best friend when she claimed to have seen the
son of a powerful senator turn into something… unnatural. Who would? But then
she witnesses her friend’s murder at the hands of what can only be an alien,
thrusting her into a world that will kill to protect their secret.

Hunter stirs Serena’s temper and her lust despite their differences. Soon he’s
doing the unthinkable—breaking the rules he’s lived by, going against the
government to keep Serena safe. But are the aliens and the government the
biggest threats to Serena’s life… or is it Hunter?

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Must read!

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
fans of
Paranormal Romance books and fans of the Lux series

Holy freaking aliens everywhere!

Obsession is a great spin-off of one
of my favourite series EVER — Lux by
Jennifer L. Armentrout. It’s a hot, funny, romantic, action-packed and
well-written novel. Oh, and confusing, but I’ll get to that later.So what is this book about? Well, Hunter, who’s an Arum (aka a badass and
ubersmexy alien) is working with the Department of Defense to keep control of
the growing population of Luxen. He receives the task to watch over (or as he
says, babysitt) Serena Cross, a twenty three woman who witnessed her best
friend getting killed by an alien.

I’m not gonna get into details, ’cause that would ruin all the fun for you. The
point is that they’re stuck with each other and in that period of time they
start developing feelings. Of course, after the part where they just give in to
the sizzling chemistry and off-the-charts attraction between them.

“Well, wrap me up and call me a
Christmas baby. Hunter with a female – a
human female.”
I loved
Serena and Hunter! They complete each other perfectly! She’s the feisty,
stubborn and sharp tongued type of girl and he’s an arrogant, dangerous,
infuriantingly sexy alpha male. Serena’s also strong and honorable and her
non-judgemental ways made me respect her. Hunter, although he could be scarry
as hell, was never a jerk or an asshole. Definitely a smartass, but not rude.
So big thumbs up for that!
“At least I now knew that the male
species were asses no matter what planet they hailed from.”
two together? BUM-BANG-WRUM-WOWZA-Ohmygawd-Holy-Hotness! *hyperventilating*
Darkness and light, ying and yang. Their relationship evolved quickly, but in a
natural way. First, just pure lust. Then it became something deeper, based on
the feeling of safety, trust and eventually love.
„She was light against my
darkness. Serena hadn’t backed away or hesitated. She accepted me, all of me.
She always had.”

But enough of that
romantic gibberish, because Obsession
has plenty of fights and battles between Calvin-Klein-models-lookalikes and the
visuals I was getting were pretty hot. But really now, we learn a lot of things
in this installment that made my jaw drop and changed my opinion about everything
I’d known from the previous books. And why did I say it was confusing? Because
there are good Arum and bad Luxen — really cruel ones, I might add. My brain
kept changing sides and I was like “Whoa!
What the heck am I supposed to believe??”
Simply put, shit got real.

“Well, the good guys really
weren’t typical. They really weren’t the good guys at all, but if I discovered
anything, there was no such thing as white and black. There was a lot of gray
in the middle.”
But Obsession leaves all the crap about interracial war behind and ends
on a happy, romantic and smoking hot tone. Sure, the story will continue in the
sequels of the YA series and it will reveal more of this fascinating world, but
I’d love to come back to Serena and Hunter!


Oh, oh, oh! I almost forgot *wink* There’s
something that we get as a bonus for the complete torture of waiting for Origin: a little glimpse at
Daemon-freaking-Black!!! *squeee*
Hopefully, the fill will last me until August 27th when the book comes out. But
I wouldn’t bet on it -_-

This being said — err, written — Obsession
was amazing. It can be read as a standalone or as a volume of the initial
series, but, nonetheless, JLA didn’t dissapoint. She rocks her writing mojo
like no other and I loved seeing this phenomenal world she has created from an
adult and very different perspective, since the Arum was initially presented
to the readers as the ultimate enemies.

It’s shocking and it messed with my brain. It’s hilarious, sexy and
swoon-worthy. It keeps you glued to the pages and connected to a great set of
characters. Its plot is built extremely well and the SF part introduces us to a
whole new side of the Luxen vs. Arum epic war.

Yep, it’s everything I was hoping for and more!



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