Review The Gods of love by Nicola Mostyn /Piatkus Books



This book is definitely going to be one of my top reads for 2018, and I will look forward to more from Nicola Mostyn in the future. I love her writing style!

„I press the small button that alerts the guard in charge of patrolling this whole row of offices. As I do so, Dan stands up. Instinctively I jerk backward and, wishing I’d kept the pepper spray to hand, grab the nearest sharp object.
He smiles again. ‘Are you going to write me a sternly worded note?’
I glance down at the fountain pen in my hand. Oh dear. Witty, as well as mad. I better get him out of here before I start dating him.”

The concept of this book is pretty awesome. At first, you think ‘how is the god of love’s descendant going to save the world? But it does somehow make sense with the more you read. I liked the inclusion of Anteros and actually found him to be a fitting villain. It helped that we didn’t meet him until the very end – this gave him an air of danger. Imagine yourself in a dark room with the knowledge that a murderer was in there with you. The knowing and not seeing can sometimes be scarier and have more of an effect.
I liked Frida, she came across strong although her gullibility and naivety were her downfalls. Her capability reminded me a lot of Feyre (ACOTAR) especially throughout those trials. I would have liked to have seen more of her ‘ability’ – the one where she is able to sense things about people and subtly manipulate them but I guess she didn’t really notice/ realize this until much later in the book.
In addition to excellent plot and characters, the writing is smooth and accomplished, and the author’s style is light and witty.
The imaginings of certain settings from mythology were absolutely fantastic, most notably the underworld and the labyrinth. I loved the idea of waning gods latching on to modern day consumerism to try to restore their sway over the world. This translated into a plot that has a definite quest vibe, wrathful gods and scary minions included. I loved it.
This was a fun, fast-paced easy read that kept me entertained with plenty of twists and turns in the plot.

Thank you to Piatkus Books for the copy. If you want to read and buy the book, you can do it with a click here

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