21101356You, Raymond E. Feist had become my favorite author right now. I loved King of Ashes! I admitted the book was a bit boring at the beginning, all the small details, the names, the traditions I didn’t get. But all these little details had created a wonderful world. One that I adore.
The writing was done very well and gave you enough details where you could picture what was happening! I loved the fact that the story followed the different characters without it being too difficult to know whose story you were following at each time.
The whole of the book is dedicated to the development of the three main characters, their personalities and the directions the will be taking throughout the series. For some, this part is a bit boring but I loved to find out what happened, how they become who they are now.
The characters are vividly drawn and the world they inhabit is complex and interesting. God, this author is a genius.
One aspect I would have liked to have seen developed more fully at this point is the magic system. In the whole book, it is only touched upon briefly, although there are definite hints of magic forces.

I would say that the focus of King of Ashes is worldbuilding and character development, somewhat to the detriment of the plot. As the first book in a new series, especially one set in a new world, there is a great deal of heavy lifting to do in order to set the scene. Much of the storyline seems to be focused on getting characters and plot points in place for the next stage of the saga. As a self-contained story, I didn’t find King of Ashes particularly satisfying, but I have great faith that it will pay off in future books.

Overall the book is an amazing page-turner that I finished much too quickly. I love the characters and I am now invested in their lives and journey throughout Garn.

I want to thank Harper Voyager for sending me a copy. You can buy King of Ashes  with a click HERE

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