Books and Music

Hey, guys!  I’m Catherine and from now on I’ll start posting on this blog as well. I decided that the best way to start is by creating a post about the two things that I enjoy doing the most. Reading books and listening to music. It often happens to me to associate some certain songs with some particularly books and this just makes the things better. When THAT song randomly pops in your playlist and you go back to that badass chapter from the book that sends shivers down your spine.

Isn’t it cool, right?!

Here are some of the cool associations that I made while listening to music and reading at the same time:

1). Daughter of smoke and bone (Laini Taylor) – Play with fire (Sam Tinnesz)

(Where you can also add “White dove” – Koda)





2) Queen’s rising (Rebecca Ross) –  B (Jaden Smith)








3) To all the boys I love before (Jenny Han) – Sixteen going on seventeen (The sound of music)


4) The fifth wave (Rick Yancey) – Everybody wants to rule the world (Lorde)


Have you read any of these books? What other songs you’ve associated with these books? Let me know in the comments down below what you think.


Catherine xoxo.

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