4 books I loved in 2018

Hey, lovelies. How are you? Have you read anything good this year? I hope so. 2018 was a good reading year for me. My challenge was to read 50 books because I didn’t want to be pressured to read what I wasn’t comfortable with. But looks like instead of just 50 books, I’ve read 72 books so far and I plan to read at least 5 more till the end of 2018. But 4 books keep coming up in my mind every time when I get asked what was the best book I’ve read this year.

Are you ready?

The simple wild by K.A Tucker

This book was everything! It had one of my fave places in the world- Alaska. I’ve never been there, but since I was a kid I was fascinated by beautiful Alaska and I couldn’t believe it when the story was set in Alaska. And the characters. I love them! Even if it made me cry at 9 a.m, at work because I had to finish it. I really want you to pick this book up and give it a try. You’re welcome.

Arrogant devil by R.S Grey

The first thing that got me reading this book was the title. How can you not want to read a book with such a title? I really liked it. It gives me that Sandra Brown vibes from the ’90s and I loved it because I so love SB books and this book was perfect.

Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews

This time I had to pick a series because I loved the first 2 volumes of this series and I couldn’t pick just one. This was my first urban fantasy/ paranormal romance series I’ve read because one of my friends recommended and really enjoyed. Mad Rogan was everything! Like seriously. I can’t believe I’ve postponed this series for that long. I still have to read volume 3 and the novella, but I’ll probably read it till the end of the year.

Warcross series by Marie Lu

Warcross was the first book I’ve read this year and this series has one of my fave characters -Hideo Tanaka. I so love Hideo! I included Warcross too in this because both books were absolutely amazing and I can’t recommend them enough. The world that Marie Lu build was fascinating. I won’t be surprised that in, let’s say, 50 years will have elements from Warcross world in real life. And for my army family, Wildcard has BTS and Jimin between the pages.

These are my top 4 best books of 2018 and I hope you will give them a try. Enjoy!

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