10 reasons why you should read Warcross and Wildcard

Warcross and Wildcard are easily one of the best contemporary, modern books to be fair. But if you are still in doubt, let me make it clear out here for you fella.


Reason number 1:

Marie Lu. I’d want to make her reason number one because she is a golden writer and bff with my favorites Leigh Bardugo (Grishaverse & Six of Crows) and Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me). The way she writes is not common and boring. Is full of adrenaline, intensity, surprises and plot twists everywhere. She will never do what you expect her to do and she will make you gasp with every single twist.


Reason number 2:

The universe. The world they dip in is marvelous. Imagine Tokyo with its lights colors and noise but 10 times better. The description of sensations and actions that happen there is so well done that most the times I really felt like I was there tasting all those things for the first time and being amazed by everything I see, touch or experiment.



Reason number 3:

The main plot. The plot the action is spinning around is of great actuality and very future-oriented. Everybody plays a game named Warcross, hyperrealist that uses the Neuro Link glasses recently updated to lenses to enter and semi-live in a virtual world to kinda forget the reality that sometimes hits you. The lenses they use are pretty possible in the future but would probably be more expensive and it would take a great amount of time to be made but it is NOT impossible people.

d587f3a095786816e157a7c14d0279a1 (1).jpg


Reason number 4:

The puns, omg the puns. I can’t even tell you how many they are and from how many games, books and bands. Let me give you some hints, Overwatch, Dota 2, Mario Kart, League of Legends, Young Elites, BTS and so much more.



Reason number 5:

The characters. They are so well structured and quirky. The relationship between them is different with each one and so interesting to watch and explore. I loved the Phoenix riders and later on the second book the Blackcoats. They all worked so well together, until the end.



Reason number 6:

Japan culture at its finest. If you are a Japan culture lover and like video games, this book is made just for you.


Reason number 7:

Hideo. Hideo. Hideo. Hideo.

And he has A CORGI !!


Reason number 8:

The book genre is Sf but the book isn’t. Is so actual, vibrant and real this it might be aswell our world. Everything happening in the book is real.

tokyo (1).jpg

Reason number 9:

Music, video games, hackers, players, music, and Japan. Really, you can’t ask for more. Also, you can listen to BTS in the background and make everything 10000x better


Reason number 10:

Read them because it’s impossible not like them and you really need to find the puns and to understand this pictures and love them. Read them because it’ll be a great loss if you don’t.



Catherine xoxo.

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  1. Roxanam1412 says:

    Cu siguranta o sa citesc cartile cat de curand. Am dat deja comanda pe libris si abia astept sa imi ajunga. Am auzit numai păreri bune, iar cu acest articol m-am convins ca trebuie sa le citesc. 😍


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