Books based on Video Games

We all know that books have inspired lots of things such as movies (no examples needed, they’re just too many) video games (Metro 33, The Witcher, The Binding of Isaac) and so on, but there are some exceptions as well, where the books were the one created after the games . Here is a list of Video Games that inspired Books and not the opposite:


Alan Wake – Rick Burroughs (Third-person shooter)

Assassin’s Creed – Oliver Bowden (Action/adventure)

Battlefield 3: The Russian – Andy McNab, Peter Grimsdale (First-person Shooter)

BioShock: Rapture – John Shirley (First-person Shooter)

Borderlands – John Shirley (RPG)

Dead Island – Mark Morris (RPG)

Diablo – Richard A. Knaak (RPG)

Dishonored – Adam Christopher (Action/stealth)

Doom – Dafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver (First-person Shooter)

Far Cry: Absolution – Urban Waite (Action/adventure)


Gears of War – Karen Traviss (Third-person shooter)

God of War– Matthew Stover, Robert E. Vardeman (Action/ Adventure)

Halo – Greg Bear (First-person Shooter)

Hellgate: Exodus – Mel Odom (RPG)

Hitman: Enemy Within – William C. Dietz (Stealth Action)

Mass Effect – Drew Karpyshyn (Third-person shooter)

Metal Gear Solid – Raymond Benson (Stealth Action)

Resident Evil – S.D. Perry (Survival horror)


Tomb Raider: The Amulet of Power – Mike Resnick (Action/ Adventure)

Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth – Christopher Golden (Action/ Adventure)

WarCraft – Richard A. Knaak (Strategy)

Watch Dogs: Dark Clouds – John Shirley (Action/Adventure)

World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred – Keith R.A. DeCandido (MMORPG)

This blog post has been a little appreciation gesture for all the boys reading the blog. You are awesome and always welcomed in this reading community. Share this with all the boys you know interested in either video games or books and see how many of them you can hook up with this. Have a nice weekend!



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  1. Roxanam1412 says:

    Singura de care am auzit si e si tradusa la noi, este Assasin’s creed, nu am citit-o insa este pe wishlist. Oricum par interesante si restul, mi se pare super acest concept cu adaptarea un carti dupa un joc video

    Liked by 1 person

  2. says:

    Am in plan sa cumpar Assasin’s Creed. Mi-a placut mult filmul.


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