One Day in Winter Blog Tour

Hello lovelies. Today is my stop for the One Day in Winter Blog tour by Shari Low from Aria . The lovely Shari wrote a guest post and you can read it if you scroll down. Don’t forget to check the other stops for the blog tour.

The Story Of One Day In Winter

I’m a people watcher. I’m the person sitting in the train station, making up imaginary identities and life stories for the people rushing by. There’s Claudia rushing for the 8.45am to Manchester. She’s the boss of start up company and although she’s dressed in ripped up jeans and hauling a backpack, she’s going to be a millionaire within five years. There’s Arthur. 8.30am to Preston. For forty years, he worked long shifts in a job he despised to support his family and now his grown up children are spoiled brats who don’t visit him because they say he didn’t give them enough attention. There’s Derek. 8.50am to London. He’s a stock broker, his wife has told him she’s at yoga, but she’s actually having a wild affair with her next door neighbour.

On top of my over-active imagination, I also believe that you never really have control over you own destiny and I’ve seen first hand how life can change in a heartbeat due to something completely beyond your control. People can enter your life unexpectedly, with wonderful or tragic circumstances. In my case, my husband was a complete stranger to me until the night he walked towards me, then stopped and smiled. A week later we got engaged, and twenty something years later we still wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t been in that place at that time.

This kaleidoscope of thoughts, habits and beliefs were the starting point for One Day In Winter. I wanted to write a book about four people who wake up one morning with absolutely no idea that by the end of the day they’ll be facing very different futures to the ones they had planned.

The story opens on a chilly morning a few days before Christmas. Caro is one of those people in the station, rubbing sleep from her eyes while boarding an early train in Aberdeen. She looks like any other 30 something on her way to work, but actually she’s making a trip to an unfamiliar city, because she’s determined to find out if the father who abandoned her has been living a lifetime of lies.

Shari Low

At the same moment in Glasgow, a young woman called Lila is pulling on a designer dress, after deciding that today will be the day that she tells her lover’s wife about their affair. Not too far away, Cammy is in the shower, thinking through his plans to propose to the love of his life that evening. And finally, Bernadette having breakfast, silently hating the man sitting across from her, the controlling husband who has no idea that by nightfall, Bernadette will be gone.

We then follow their stories hour by hour, as they twist and turn, then ultimately collide, in a stormy tale of how four lives can change forever in just One Day In Winter.

One Day In Winter is published by Aria in ebook and paperback.

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