Blog Tour: Not OK, Cupid is published by Headline Eternal, £9.99. Out now.

Not OK, Cupid is published by Headline Eternal, £9.99. Out now.

By Anna Kaling

Synopsis: Ally Rivers has three jobs, a disastrous dating record, and her gran won’t stop talking about sex with eighty-year-old Melvin. Now her best friend Sam confesses his whole family think they’re engaged. The longest relationship she’s ever been in is fabricated, and her intended is gay.

Playing Sam’s besotted lover at a family party, Ally discovers the hot gardener she’s been flirting with is Sam’s dad, Marcus. She even sucks at fake relationships. But Marcus is on to them and embroils Ally in another scheme – encouraging Sam to come out.

Scheming is not Ally’s forte and, worse, she and Marcus are falling for each other. After years in an unhappy marriage, he’s not letting Ally go without a fight, but she’s torn between the best friend she’ll ever have and the only man she’s ever been in love with. Either choice will leave two broken hearts, and Gran will still have a more successful love life than her…

Let me start this by saying i was completelly not expecting that! When i discovered this book the title and the cover sent me on a completely different path. I thought about some YA romance book, but this was far from what was in my head. Way too far! Definetly not YA!

Now, even if it wasn’t what i expected that does not mean i did not enjoy it. I can say that this particular book has become one of my guilty pleasures. At first, the plot scared me, it was not something i’ve ever thought about, but oh boy it made me laugh. Honeslty, when i think of the time o read this all i can remember is laughing my heart out. The characters and their dialogues made me chuckle all the way through it.

I want to emphasize Ally, because i found her to be not quite exactly our main female leading character. She was suprisigly positive over her state. She was dealing with her own insecurities but she always found a way to get over them and to be her best self. I loved Ally’s journey as she battled those very insecurities and gained the self confidence to take the success she wanted. I also love that so-called ‘menial’ jobs like being a waitress or a beautician aren’t belittled in the process, but are shown as equally okay as a career for those who choose it.

I want to congratulate Anna for making me enjoy her characters and the connection between Ally and Marcus, because they really had an amazing chemistry and when it comes to romance, some authors create these characters that don’t actually match. Even with the age gap, their relationship is cute and spicy and you can see the intense love between them.

The conflict was real, the characters were round, the love was passionate, emotion was there, i can say that it was a pretty complete novel! Definitely add it to your bookish shopping basket.

Scroll down for a short interview with Anna and check out the amazing bloggers hosting the rest of the blog tour . Thank you Headline Eternal and Anna!

Have you always wanted to be a writer? What do you love most about your job?

Yes, though at various stages I also wanted to be a nurse, a doctor, a professional dog-hugger, and King of the World. I still want to be two of those.

Do you have the most fun creating your heroes or your heroines?

Option C – the hero and/or heroine’s animal sidekicks. No book is complete without a cat, dog, or some kind of furry character (merkins don’t count).

I can’t pick between the hero and heroine because I don’t create them separately but as two parts of a whole. They have to be fully developed people in their own right, but it’s when they come together that things should really sizzle. I can’t remember where, but I once read ‘If the hero is an arsonist, the heroine had better be a firefighter’ and that’s how I create the dream team. Once I decide she’s a sheltered ballet dancer, I start thinking about the hero’s background as a streetwise petty criminal.

Do you have a favourite hero or heroine from your books or by any other author?

I have a real soft spot for Ally from Not OK, Cupid. She’s the polar opposite of me in many ways and I had a great time living in her world for a bit, saying and doing things I would never say or do. I would love to have her as my best friend.

My book crush is Hannibal Lecter. I appreciate that invites a certain amount of explaining, but my PR advisor tells me it’s best to leave it there.

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