Review “Ashes Reborn” by Keri Arthur

Book Blurb:

32610612.jpg“The clock is ticking as Emberly – a phoenix capable of taking human form – races to take revenge against the sadistic and mysterious Rinaldo. The elusive rebel leader threatens to keep killing until he is given all of the research about a plaguelike virus derived from vampire blood.

Forced to reach out to the Paranormal Investigations Team for help, Emberly and her partner, Jackson, must decide who to trust as they follow the trail of dead bodies. When classified information is leaked and their safe house is ambushed, Emberly’s suspicions are confirmed – someone at PIT has betrayed them.

A final battle looms and Emberly will need to command all her powers – or watch the world turn to ash…”



OK guys. So it goes like this:

We have vamps.

We have mystery.

We have paranormal.

We have urban fantasy.

We even have a phoenix.

What more can a bookworm possibly want?

Ashes Reborn is the 4th book in Keri Arthur’s “Souls of Fire” series and it completely blew my mind. UF happens to be one of my top 3 favorites genres out there and this book totally rocks the genre.

The world building and the characters  are detailed and make you want to keep on reading. Since i stumbled upon this series, all i did was binge read it quite shamelessly. Emberly is quite the tough cookie and although the romance might seem slow and sometimes lacking, one has to keep in mind that UF books are not so focused on romance as PNR ones, but instead concentrate on world building, action and character development.

If you, avid followers happen to like complex books with just the right amount of mystery, action and fantasy, then this is the series for you. But if you’re used to easier reads, with simple plots, the steer away. “Ashes Reborn”  has a lot going on as far as miniplots and subplots and epic clues are concerned and it can be pretty tough at times to keep up with the details.

Well, there’s a pretty horrific scene going on in this book. I really won’t get into too many details, but reader discretion is advised. UF might not be as steamy as PNR, but it still is pretty mature in its own right and some content may be too violent or gruesome for some.

But hey, what more can you ask when you have individuals who can reincarnate, resurrect and have the greatest insurance as immortals.  Think of Emberly as the classic urban fantasy h who can kick ass and also has the brains to go with the power.

Think more like this actually:

Oh, and we also have witches and werewolves.

And a plague that could wipe billions of people off the face of the planet.

So, in fewer words, hurry up and get the first 3 books (Fireborn, Wicked Embers and Flameout) as well. They are a certain must read for every and any bookworm.

Now, off you go, fellow minions. You have a lot to read considering all my recommendations.

Thank you Piatkus books for this lovely book .

You can buy Ashes Reborn with a Click HERE 



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