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Hey, coltisori.  Azi la rubrica What to read & What to watch  va prezint o serie de carti care este perfecta pentru fanii serialelor The Walking Dead  si Fear the walking dead si anume seria  si un serial japonez pe care l-am inceput aseara si mi-a placut enorm.


Imagini pentru alice in zombieland

Seria The White Rabbit Chronicles de Gena Showalter .

Primul volum se numeste Alice in Zombieland si este introducerea lui Alice in lumea  zombilor dupa ce familia ei este ucisa .

Pe parcursul celor 4 carti , personajele se diversifica si cu siguranta va veti indragosti de Cole Holland. Ador sarcasmul lui !

Am gasit pe site-ul autoarei Gena Showalter o nota de la Cole  care poate va convinge sa cititi seria ( din pacate nu este publicata in romana  ). Si daca nici nota nu va convinge, Gena si l-a imaginat pe Cole asa :

Imagini pentru who is elijah

A Note From Cole

I know what you want.  It’s long…it’s hard…

It’s the answer to this question: Did Ali and I have sex?

Let me sip hot cocoa and tell you all about our intimate moments in…never.

Fine, you say.  Do you, Cole Holland, die in the end?

Doesn’t everyone?  Let’s face it.  Death is hereditary.

Do you have to be such a smartass, you ask.

Finally, a question I like.

I lead a team of zombie slayers.  If I falter, they fall.  If I take a wrong turn, they end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If I lose focus, even for a second, they lose everything.  I’m a product of war.  I am what the battles have made me.  Rough, as unbreakable as titanium, distanced.

But even leaders can succumb to temptation.  Ali is mine.  She is everything I never knew I needed—and her life is now in danger.  Again.

Several weeks ago, I almost lost her to Z-poisoning.  But she healed, and I thought all would be well.   I thought wrong.  I can sense something on the horizon, drawing closer and closer.  It’s dark, cloying.

It’s a battle we may not win.

But I’m not going to worry about that now.  I can’t.  Fear is not a good look for me.  I delve into stupid.  I start punching walls.  I–

–Ali enters my room, shutting the door with extreme care, producing a soft snicker no one else will notice.  It’s obvious she wants to be alone with me.  Uninterrupted.

I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, and I’m attuned to her in an instant.  She is beautiful, the only ray of sunshine in a life as black as pitch.

She smiles at me as she approaches, and I swear my heart actually skips a beat.

Yes, I’m whipped.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

Now?  “Thinking you need to walk faster.”

She quickens her pace.  When she’s standing in front of me, her smile is wider, the sparkle in her baby blues brilliant.  “I’ll take that to mean you missed me.”

“Always.”  Take my heart, take my lungs, but don’t ever take her.  I place my hands on her hips, amazed as always.  She appears so fragile, so delicate, feels that way, too, and yet she is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.  “I was seconds away from sending out a search party.”

“You wouldn’t have found me,” she says, running her fingers through my hair.  “I was hiding from Nana, aka the Make Out Police.”

“Hate to break it to you, love, but I can find you anywhere, anytime.  I’m good like that.  But if ever you need another hiding place, I’d like to suggest my bed.”

She snorts.  “Are you kidding?  That’s the first place she’ll look!”

“My closet floor?”

“Good idea.  I’ll go there now.”  She pulls away.

I grab hold of her wrist to keep her right where she is, and she laughs.  Teasing me is her favorite sport.

“I think you should at least try the bed,” I say.  “Because you’ll be more comfortable.”

“I love how you put my comfort above everything.”

“I’m an amazing boyfriend,” I deadpan.  “I’ll even stay here with you.  You know, to protect you.”

She leans down, nibbles on my ear, and whispers, “I’m requesting hands on protection.”

See?  Temptation.  “That’s the only kind I offer.”

She places one knee on the mattress, then the other, so that she straddles me, her weight resting on my thighs.  “Can you guess what I’m going to do to you?”

“Kill me?”

She laughs, and it’s a magical sound.  “Kill you with kindness, maybe.”

“Screw that.  Kill me with pleasure.”

Her fingers wind around my nape, and she draws me forward to nip at my bottom lip.  “Now that I can do.”

-In a blink, I’m alone.  I’m still sitting on my bed…still writing this letter.

A vision, I realize.  I’d had it several times before.  Maybe because I want it to come true more than I want to take my next breath.

And then I hear a soft snicker at the door.  I turn and look, anticipation already filling me.

Ali enters the room.

I smile, the blood in my veins heating.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

Sorry, guys, but this is where I tell you goodbye.

Until next time.  Or never.


Imagini pentru alice in zombieland


Pe Netflix sunt o multime de sriale coreene si japoneze si dupa un maraton Fear the Walking Dead (l-am dat gata in 3 zile) aveam nevoie de ceva sweet  si nestiind ce sa aleg, am inchis ochii , am apasat butonul telecomenzii si  Good Morning Call a fost the lucky one.

Good Morning Call este un serial japonez ( exista si manga ) care spune povestea a doi liceeni care in urma unei inselatorii, ajung sa imparta acelasi apartament.

El e mereu grumpy, ea super happy .El e foarte popular printre sexul feminin, ea este mai mult pe partea celor ce nu iasa in evidenta.

Am vazut doar doua episoade pentru ca aveam o carte de terminat de citit , dar mi-a placut enorm ce am vazut. Si se pare ca luna aceasta apare , cel putin pe Netflix, sezonul 2. Mai jos este un mic trailer .Sper sa va placa.

Cam atat pentru aceasta vineri. Va astept si vinerea viitoare la Book to read & Movies to watch.

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