Review LOVE PROFOUND by Kelly Elliott via Piatkus Books

35633218I write about love, but I’ve never experienced it. Sure, I’ve been with guys that I cared about. Even though I found ‘the one’. He turned out to be the frog and not the prince.

A few Frank Sinatra songs and a wildly handsome cowboy who calls me Darlin’, will have me second guessing everything I ever thought I knew about love.

Does happily ever after really exist…or is it only something I write about in books?

I absolutely love Kelly Elliott books!  Her books always make me feel so warm and hopeful when it comes to love. The more I read her books the more I love them more.  And because so many books are out every day, I missed this series. I was in a reading slump for more than a month and it was horrible not to be able to read. Nothing was right so it was hard for me to just pick a book and really enjoy it. But this series was the savior and bye bye reading slump.

Imagini pentru authors gif

There is nothing that a cowboy can’t do!

Love Profound is the second installment in the Cowboys and Angels series and is the story of the youngest, Amelia( Meli) and Wade.

Meli is a romance author, even if she hadn’t been really in love. I gotta say I loved the fact she was an author. Authors are my best friends and reading about one made me feel closer to the story.

Meli was a really likeable character.Confident, strong, rebel, a woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. The moment she meets Wade, damn! You can feel the chemistry between them sizzling. Wade is Meli’s oldest brother best friend from college who is gonna give them a helping hand around the ranch.But Wade is a broken soul. A tragedy made him be cautious and not wanting to take a chance at love.

But I won’t give anything else ut so if you want to know how it ended you have to read it yourself.   And you will just fall in love with Chloe and per pet goat Patches. I sure did!

Imagini pentru baby goats gif

Love Profound was a captivating and moving story about taking a chance at love and I recommend reading it.  Love Profound was published by Piatkus Books and you can buy a copy with a click here  

Thank you so much for sending me a copy, Piatkus Books.


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